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The Unrealistic Expectations that will ruin your PTC experience

There is a lot of money circulating around the Paid-to-Click (PTC) world, and on top of it, the opportunity to sell a wide variety of products in the networks without you having to sell them face to face. But that idea that most people is trying to sell you: that you can just sit, click… Read More »

NeoBux: Is it a scam or not? And if it is not, how do I use it?

NeoBux has been around for more than 7 years as of now, and there are no complains that it doesn’t pay, that should tell you something. I was taking a look at some articles that claim that NeoBux is a scam. Just because you don’t understand a system and use it in the worst possible… Read More »

The biggest mistake people does in a PTC Site

You have been surfing pages through ads, and you got yourself some credits to promote a page. There is one thing that many are doing that you should absolutely avoid… What biggest mistake I am talking about? Don’t promote the same page that gave you the credits with those credits! Why? Because the only people… Read More »