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NEVER send Money / BitCoins to receive what you are promised

It doesn’t matter if it is from an E-mail, from an “investor”, from a PTC Site, from a BitCoin Faucet; if you are asked for Money / BitCoins to receive Money / BitCoins, it is a fraud / scam. I could probably write a book with all of the different reasons and stories of why… Read More »

TrafficHurricane, the new scam/fraud from the TrafficMonson team

It has been a long time since I wrote anything about TrafficMonsoon in the site. In the mean time TrafficMonsoon completely dissapeared, taking with them all of those promised payments. But they are back, and now the name is TrafficHurricane. Be very careful with investing on it… What is TrafficHurricane and what was TrafficMonsoon? TrafficHurricane and… Read More »

Serious scam warning against Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon tries to reassure its members that they will get paid, but now the funds were put in a “Pending Status” and members can not do anything about it. In 2015 Traffic Monsoon did work and always paid on time, but now I think is fair to declare the site a scam. First of… Read More »

Warning signs of an ongoing Scam

In the previous guide I wrote some tips for dealing with the world of Paid-to-Click (PTC) and Traffic Exchanges. Now here are some things that you should be careful about. The opportunities abound, but you need to be careful to not become the prey in this world of predators. Things you need to be careful… Read More »

The Great Scam: How are you attracted to, and used in, the Bux sites

It is actually very simple. Yes, some people are making lots of money on them, but that is thanks to you… I have written before about how the Bux sites are for the most part scams, and you see them just popping up everywhere. Here is how it actually works: A new Bux site appears.… Read More »

Is Traffic Monsoon a scam?

The situation with Traffic Monsoon has changed recently, so I am forced to release a Serious scam warning against Traffic Monsoon About just everybody looking into make money online has seen or heard about Traffic Monsoon by now. Is it paying? Yes. Is there value on it? Yes. Is it a scam? Not at this… Read More »