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How to make money on ClixSense: The ClixSense Daily Checklist

ClixSense rewards active members in many ways. One of them is a checklist, that if you complete in the day, you will get an extra bonus to whatever money you made during the day from your activities. Up to 16% for Premium members, up to 7% for Standard members. The things that count for the… Read More »

How to make money on ClixSense: The ClixAddon browser extension

PTC Ads, Survey invites and Tasks come and go all the time, but you don’t have to live checking ClixSense, ClixSense has a handy browser extension to keep track of your account details (such as balance) and get notified when anything new becomes available to you. The extension is available for Google Chrome 30+, Firefox… Read More »

How to make money on ClixSense: Offers

ClixSense has partnered with multiple companies to monetize and promote systems and services. This translates to ClixSense users as offers. They may include signing-up to a new service, watch a video, install a mobile app, fill out a survey and even playing a game. Some offers are about buying something, but the majority of offers… Read More »

How to make money on ClixSense: Surveys

A good source of income in ClixSense is to participate in Surveys. ClixSense is associated with different platforms that companies can utilize to obtain information about people’s preferences. Before you start with the surveys, begin by filling your Survey’s Profile. The surveys usually attempt to obtain information from specific segments of the population. If you… Read More »

How to make money on ClixSense: Tasks

In ClixSense you can perform a multitude of easy tasks to make extra money. It is however one of the most confusing parts of ClixSense when you begin, as you may see only Potential Jobs but not Available Jobs. How do I get access to the Potential Jobs if I have no Available Jobs? There… Read More »

NeoBux: Is it a scam or not? And if it is not, how do I use it?

NeoBux has been around for more than 7 years as of now, and there are no complains that it doesn’t pay, that should tell you something. I was taking a look at some articles that claim that NeoBux is a scam. Just because you don’t understand a system and use it in the worst possible… Read More »

The biggest mistake people does in a PTC Site

You have been surfing pages through ads, and you got yourself some credits to promote a page. There is one thing that many are doing that you should absolutely avoid… What biggest mistake I am talking about? Don’t promote the same page that gave you the credits with those credits! Why? Because the only people… Read More »