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Finantial Freedom: What it is, what it means, and how to use PTC to achieve it

Many people thinks that a lot of money comes first, and financial freedom comes after. But that is not the way it works, if it were, we would have lots of happy histories of lottery winners and not a lot of tragedies. Financial freedom comes first, the lots of money comes after. Only when you… Read More »

Not even the lottery is going to save you if you don’t change your mentality

You feel so desperate right now that you believe that only the lottery could save you. But even if you win it today, a year from now you may find yourself in the exact same spot that you are now, or even worst… However, you may not win it today and find yourself in a… Read More »

You gain a few cents clicking ads, but that is not where the value is…

Who do you think can get the most value out of a PTC System, you or the person whose page you are seeing? In most cases, the answer is: none. The most value is for the person(s) who own the network, and for the persons who use it well, but the ones generating the value… Read More »