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Viefaucet, a great PTC and faucet

I started to feel a little selfish by using this PTC/faucet as much as I do without sharing it, so apologize for not doing it before, here I go.

Viefaucet is a faucet that is not as obnoxious to use as many other alternatives. What you get there can be withdrawn in a number of currencies. It utilizes, and it has multiple crypto-currencies available to withdraw. Faucetpay basically allows the person with a faucet to load a cryptocurrency, and then the faucet user can withdraw it. Viefaucet keeps several of the currencies with funds.

Internally they use tokens, then when you withdraw, you select the crypto that you withdraw too and they get converted to that.

To acquire these tokens they have the faucet, PTC Ads, an Offerwall that includes surveys, they have tasks that can be created by other members, they have short links, and of course, they have referrals.

The rebirth of PTC Secret

It has been a long time since I wrote something for PTC Secret, in both English and Spanish.

The original purpose of the site was to both show ways to make money online and warn about scams.

I was struggling myself back then and figuring out a way to make money online was a matter of survival for me, and if I found something that worked, I wanted to share it. I felt that I was not the only one struggling.

But then I saw how the environment was. I have the fortune to really love numbers and I have some autistic tendencies in regard to planning and organizing. I could see (or more like calculate) whether a system had an unsustainable business model and how it would eventually crash and leave all investors struggling to recover anything.

A case in point is the old Traffic Monsoon, it was a widely promoted network that just collapsed and left everyone with nothing. But it was a gradual process, there were signs and events that lead to that.

The creator ended up paying millions to SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), he was the serial scammer Charles Scoville.

Seeing ads for (the old one was .com) prompted me to come back and write. Now I can see what is still there after all of these years.

So anyway, here I go again. And seeing where we are going in the world, I believe that I should share what I have in the hope that it can help someone.

NeoBux – Payment Freedom update December 2019

While I have not updated the site in a while, I did spend the year utilizing NeoBux to really see how to turn it into a source of income. This site is not only about NeoBux of course, but it has always been one of the sites heavily promoted. Without further commentary, I would like to start again by writing about this new update, which I personally believe is great news.

NeoBux always had a variety of payment processors. When I joined it had PayPal but after a change made by them (PayPal), this one was lost. This particular change resulted in many PTC Networks going out of business as they relied on it. But NeoBux is one of the networks that survived that change.

However, there was one limitation: You could withdraw limitless to only one of the accounts. To the other accounts, you could withdraw as much as you deposited from them. To make another payment processor the main one, it took for you to put from that account more than they another one. But, as of today, this limitation doesn’t exist anymore.

You can withdraw to any payment processor you want to, regardless of any previous purchases. This will open for them the possibility to also try other payment processors or so they say. Currently, they handle Skrill, Neteller and AirTM.

First Halloween 2018 Promotion at NeoBux

The first Halloween 2018 promotion has arrived at NeoBux

AdPrize visualizations:

  • 1 more AdPrize chance per advertisement = 5 total chances

Which means that for you, as an advertiser, your Ad gets seen more times as you get 25% more AdPrize views

You may ask: Are you still using NeoBux?

Yes, I am. I just haven’t been growing it lately. 2018 has been a pretty tough year, I see the ads, I accumulate the earned cash, I extend rented referrals to 240 days and I recycle them when they go inactive. But if I get into a situation where I have to make a payment and I don’t seem to have enough, I always get into NeoBux and I withdraw what I have, it has never failed me.

I continue accumulating the referral information every day, studying it, and improving my recycling strategy. I will be sharing it soon, the website hasn’t seen a lot of action this year but I am still here, and even though life is very different now for me, I am even in a different country, this world is still around and it is still a good opportunity for that extra income stream.

NeoBux 10 year anniversary

It is usual that Bux sites don’t last long, mostly because they are scams just pretending to work like NeoBux does. Well, now THE Bux site has turned 10 years old, so it is having some anniversary promotions. What makes NeoBux different?

NeoBux X Anniversary

NeoBux X Anniversary

10 Years NeoBux Anniversary Promotions

AdPrize visualizations:

  • 2 more AdPrize chance per advertisement = 6 total chances

Which means that for you, as an advertiser, your Ad gets seen more times as you get 50% more AdPrize views

Renewal discount on referrals for all memberships:

  • 30 days: 8%
  • 60 days: 13%
  • 90 days: 20%
  • 150 days: 27%
  • 240 days: 32%

The strategy, if you are into rented referrals, is always to extend for as long as possible, that way it is cheaper and it is worth it.

What makes NeoBux different?

The first thing is that it actually pays, usually instantly when you request a payment.

Another thing is how long it has been around, but this is not exactly what makes it different, what it does that allowed it to function and pay this long is.

I have seen them very interested in getting sure that everybody participating and spending their time viewing Ads gets their fair share of the revenue that they get.

Their rented referral system can allow a person to establish a solid cash flow if enough time is spent developing it. Plus they have direct referrals if you are into getting referrals in other ways, plus they have tasks and offers. Used properly, you can have an alternative source of income.

But I won’t lie, while the rented referral system does work, and it personally would benefit me if you join following my link and putting in a lot of cash on it, I don’t want you to just do that, I want the system to also work for you. And it does takes time and constancy, not do a lot, but do it daily.

How do I use the Rented Referral system of NeoBux properly?

First, if you invest, say, $100 USD, don’t spend them all on renting referrals, rent a few, so that you can extend those few all the way to 240 days. I’d rent like 30 and see how it goes from there.

And then see the orange Ads every day, so those referrals generate cash for you (watch more Ads if you can/want of course). And take care of the activity of your rented referrals.

  • Renew referrals who have not click at all if they get to 6 or 7 days old, so you get fresh ones.
  • Renew referrals who have not click in the last 10 days if they have been with you less than 25 days.
  • Renew referrals who have not click in the last 11 days if they have been with you less than 50 days.
  • Renew referrals who have not click in the last 12 days if they have been with you less than 100 days.
  • Renew anyone who has not click in the last 13 days.
  • Renew anyone whose clicking average is under 0.6

Too much? Just recycle if you feel they are not active enough for you. I am always experimenting, this is how I do it nowadays so I share it. If you renew anyone who hasn’t click in 7~8 days, regardless of how long they have been with you, that is fine too.

Detailed review: EasyHits4U

EasyHits4U is one of the oldest Traffic Exchanges around. Operating since 2003, it has more than pass the test of time in an environment where most things dissapear in under a year, such is the nature of Internet.

If you are looking forward to obtain extra quality traffic to your product or service online, to your favorite PTC system, or to a product from ClickBank, EasyHits4U can provide you with traffic and put at your disposal excellent tools such as a Splash Page creator, and a nice Site Rotator.

In EasyHits4U you can promote in three different manners:

  • A Full Page
  • A Banner Ad.
  • A textual Ad.

Things to take into consideration

When you are using a Traffic Exchange, and this also applies to EasyHits4U

2017 in review

2017 was a year of many changes in the world of PTC. The biggest change is, of course, the loss of PayPal across all services. While some adapted, some simply ceased to exist; but we arrive at 2018 in a fairly different world.

PayPal cancels the accounts of all revenue-sharing systems

This is easily the biggest change of the year. Every service had PayPal as the backbone of their revenue-sharing systems, and for the majority of people PayPal was the way to fund and/or invest into the different systems, on the expectation of getting a revenue or at the very list a quick ROI (Return of Investment).

But the world of the PTC and revenue-sharing systems has always been plagued with scams which, as I mention frequently, were the reason I started this site in the first place. Knowing the history of PayPal, I was not surprised when this change arrived. They are well-known for suddenly closing the accounts or whichever type of service they stop liking, without notice.

Bitcoin explodes

Bitcoin has already done it a few times; every few months it goes from unknown, to sort of popular and more expensive. But in this year the increase is truly impressive. It went from USD$1,000 at the start of the year, to the highest value of USD$19,706.83, reached on December 17.

With such an increase of value, the cryptocurrency truly went mainstream. Every news channel on the planet was talking about it. Every investor. And plenty of famous people.

But the point is that it reached the world of PTC. With PayPal closing all of the accounts, and Bitcoin becoming famous, a lot of services started implementing it to either buy their services, or cash-out in Bitcoins.

EasyHits4U for instance now utilizes a service call BitPay to buy either credits or a subscription.

BuxP closes

I used to like that service. You could purchase some services on top of the PTC Advertising on it such as Facebook likes or YouTube views. But they were highly dependent on PayPal, 95% of their revenue came from it. They were quick to implement Bitcoin to make purchases but they simply could not recover from the hit and decided to close the service. This was the final message on August 30:

After a long debate with my staff and colleagues, given the current situation BUXP is into, we have decided to call it a day, say goodbye to our baby and close BUXP in the near future. Why? Reasons enough, such as the declining GPT/PTC market, the negative perception, the hosting problems we have been facing,… but the main reason is called Paypal, which was used by 95% of our advertisers and since it is no longer available, without having decent alternatives on the market, our sales collapsed and BUXP became unsustainable. Compared to certain other GPT/PTC sites, BUXP was relying almost entirely on advertising sales.
We did research potential solutions, but honestly, the investment needed to put into BUXP without having guaranteed results is just too much of a risk. We had options to sell the site but did not feel good about it.

ClixSense stops being a PTC

ClixSense used to be THE PTC, it was the best one there was, and the longest lasting of them all. But they also were very dependent on PayPal to get the money to pay their members, who were also paid primarily via PayPal.

ClixSense is still alive and well, only it no longer offers the service of PTC, now it primarily focuses on Surveys, Tasks, and Offers, and it is still a great source of extra cash if you are active.

Another change on it is that the multiple levels of referrals, as well as the Premium membership, were removed. Now it only offers one level of referrals which are the direct, plus no membership. And the daily checklist is now very small, it only has Complete Tasks, Complete Offers and Visit the Forum.

EasyHits4U lost and regained PayPal, only in a different way

EasyHits4U has never really been about an income, but it is an alternative to promote the other sources of income. But still, if you use it enough, you accumulate a balance that you were able to cash-out to PayPal.

However, EasyHits4U is also about the tools that it offers, such as the Easy Rotator and the Easy Splash Builder. Those are excellent tools to test marketing campaigns, and of course to promote a multitude of services online. Given that they do have a service beyond just a Traffic Exchange, they got PayPal back as a way of paying for those services and the membership, but cash-outs in PayPal are out of the question.

Many PayPal alternatives

The sites that remained alive, all of them implemented other alternatives to PayPal. Some of those alternatives are:

Your NeoBux account can get closed for inactivity!

Of the people that registers in NeoBux following my link, I have noticed how many of them losses their accounts due to inactivity. I think it is more widespread than just those who follow my link. I want you to be aware of how easy it is to lose the account due to inactivity.

And I am writing this as a person who lost two NeoBux accounts myself. My sister also lost some of them. And plenty of the people accussing NeoBux of being a scam lost accounts too.

So, lets take a look at their terms of service:

After 30 days of inactivity, your account will be temporarily suspended and permanently suspended after 60 days of inactivity. An inactive user for the first 72 hours after registration will have the account permanently suspended.

This is it whats cost many people their accounts. And NeoBux does NOT delete accounts, it only gives a permanent suspension. Which means, you can not register again utilizing the same username.

Don’t I promote NeoBux all the time? Why am I posting this?

If you join a system because you followed one of my links, I actually want you to succeed in the system, I want you to make money out of it, that is why I do what I do. So, before you join NeoBux, and with the purpose of not waste your time because I see it very valuable, I want you to join knowing what it takes to turn NeoBux into a profit making machine.

It is possible, I have mentioned how to use the rented referrals system in NeoBux if you are not so much into getting direct referrals. I believe they are actually real people, but in order for that to even have a chance to work, they have to keep active users inside the system and suspend those who are not, it is like that.

And now Games are coming to NeoBux also. I believe they are actually trying to increase the level of activity, so, to end this note, my advice is still: if you are getting in NeoBux, get in. If not, value your time and put it somewhere else. You are very welcome if you are in for the ride.

NeoBux adds games that allow you to earn by playing

NeoBux launched a series of games. At the moment they are on a beta phase, so the first month there will be no monetary rewards for playing them. However, you playing the games on the beta phase will increase the monetary rewards that you will get when the beta phase is over.

NeoBux Games

NeoBux Games

Here is their announcement:

Ah, summer…Sun, vacation, relaxing at the beach, taking things easy and getting away from all the seriousness of our daily lives.

It’s the perfect time for… games.
Yes, games!

We are introducing a new, fun way for our members to earn, while playing games!

While selecting these games for you, we focused on two factors: Accessibility and fun.
There is something for everyone here, from word games and puzzles, to strategy and arcade titles!

And how much will you earn by playing?
Well, this literally depends on you!

We are launching a beta phase today that will last for approximately one month without providing monetary rewards to gather all required data. The more you play, the higher the rewards will be for the gaming sessions after the trial period is over.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite drink, put your favorite song on, click on the “Games” button available on the top of every page and go have some fun!

Do not forget, the more active you are within the beta phase, the higher the rewards will be for the players after the official launch.

The dawn of the “Game ‘n’ Gain” era is closer than ever!

As soon as we have the games ready to pay you for playing a new topic will be created to announce it and explain how it all works.

In the meantime have lots and lots of fun!


There are no Bitcoin Doublers or Magic Bitcoin Generators

I am sorry, but there aren’t magical ways to obtain Bitcoins. What is out there are a massive number of scams, promising you abundance and richness; you just have to trust them, and send them your Bitcoins or your hard earned money first. In this environment, if it sounds too good to be truth, it is too good to be truth, and whatever you give them, you are not going to see it again. There are places to invest if you want Bitcoins, but they take time. If you have the patience, here are some options.

Bitcoin Fraud Alert!

Bitcoin Fraud Alert!

I will start by saying that I am sharing these two alternatives because I put my own money on them and I already got it back. I got it back easily (from the mining platform) because the price of Bitcoin has been on the rise so it is worth mining it, but had it been declining all along, the cost of mining them would have become higher than the profit of doing so, and nobody is going to pay the cost of mining Bitcoins so that you get them. Just undertand that there is a cost to mine them, and that you are paying for it, but if you do it right the cost pays for itself.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Mining Farm of Genesis-Mining

Mining Farm of Genesis-Mining

This idea is full of scammy schemes, but just as in the world of PTC we have one real bux site (Neobux) and countless schemes claiming to be the same but being frauds, in the area of Cloud Bitcoin Mining we have a good one (maybe more but I am still checking the others). To not make it long, we have Genesis-Mining.

Genesis-Mining Received Transactions

Genesis-Mining Received Transactions


  • You don’t have to set up anything
  • You don’t get a high electricity bill
  • You get something constantly and frequently
  • It is managed by very qualified people


  • If it becomes unprofitable, the mining contract can be terminated
  • It takes time to recover your investment

Despite the disadvantages, if I did not think it is good, I wouldn’t have put my own money on it. I don’t regret it.

Join Genesis-Mining

A PTC based on Bitcoin

BTC Clicks

This is, after all, a website made around the idea of PTC Networks, and this is one that actually pays without any problem.

Bitcoin Core BTC Clicks

With the increase in price of Bitcoin and its gaining popularity, it has gone from a few ads, to plenty of them, some of them better paid. It has very good referral commissions and I believe it will just keep growing in popularity. Banner


To start receiving, you need a wallet, if you don’t have one yet, you can get one from any of these alternatives: Get your own Bitcoin wallet and get an address to receive Bitcoins