You gain a few cents clicking ads, but that is not where the value is…

By | May 24, 2015

Who do you think can get the most value out of a PTC System, you or the person whose page you are seeing? In most cases, the answer is: none.

The most value is for the person(s) who own the network, and for the persons who use it well, but the ones generating the value for both are the ones seeing the ads.

There is only one limited resource in play here, one that can not be recovered, and if you have been reading what I normally write, you know what I am talking about, the value is in…

Money Value


I am not saying don’t see any more ads, I’m not saying that you should just quit every network. Just as it’s not the best idea to quit your job if you have nothing else (trust me, I did it once, that was tough)…

It is not a good idea to change a strategy, however flawed, for no strategy.

But in order to develop your strategy for whichever PTC System you are currently using, first you need to understand the system. You need to know what the rewards on it are, and find a way to use them in the best possible way.

I know this site is too young, there is too much that I would like to share, but, it will come. But don’t wait, don’t be limited, keep reading, keep learning, keep improving.

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