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Where can I buy Bitcoins in 2017?

There are two sites that I recomend for the buying of Bitcoins: has been around for years. Here you can see the reputation of the Bitcoin seller, then you start a transaction. Normally that requires you to transfer or deposit money to a bank account, then the seller send you the Bitcoins. At the… Read More »

TrafficHurricane, the new scam/fraud from the TrafficMonson team

It has been a long time since I wrote anything about TrafficMonsoon in the site. In the mean time TrafficMonsoon completely dissapeared, taking with them all of those promised payments. But they are back, and now the name is TrafficHurricane. Be very careful with investing on it… What is TrafficHurricane and what was TrafficMonsoon? TrafficHurricane and… Read More »

NeoBux vs TrafficMonsoon

When it comes to these two networks, there are huge differences between the two of them: NeoBux vs TrafficMonsoon NeoBux TrafficMonsoon It gives you money It gives you excuses Online over 8 years Online over a year Sustainable business model Unsustainable business model Pays when promissed “Pending Account Balance” PayPal available PayPal not available Offers,… Read More »