About BTC Secret

There is not a lot of information here yet, but it is because if you are reading this, the page was just lanched.

My name is Juan Valencia, although I am not alone here, eventually everybody will have a profile page.

I have been working online for a long time; developing systems, setting up systems, administering servers or just coding for over 17 years.

One of the things that I am very familiarized with is the subject of making money online. And I know a lot about it, I have been traveling for a while, and because of it I have my own ways of surviving exclusively from income online.

I had to learn it the hard way; my road was not a straight line, it has been full of obstacles where I fell, over and over. But I always learned something; some times I learned what works, the great majority of the times I learned what doesn’t work.

We are living in a difficult time; many systems that allowed us to make a living are now obsolete and we can find ourselves struggling in a world for which nobody prepared us. But, here is the thing: It is also a world full of opportunities waiting for somebody to come and discover them.

The focus of this page is to tell people who are already using BTC Systems how to use them better. Not with false claims of free and easy money; if you are looking for that, there are many sites that will promise you the moon and the stars out there. And you probably already tried them and now you are reading this because you are not exactly rich.

We are going to tell you what we know, so if you are doing this, you can do it better.

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