How to make money on ClixSense: Tasks

By | July 9, 2015

In ClixSense you can perform a multitude of easy tasks to make extra money. It is however one of the most confusing parts of ClixSense when you begin, as you may see only Potential Jobs but not Available Jobs. How do I get access to the Potential Jobs if I have no Available Jobs? There is The Old Way and The New Incoming Way.

Potential Jobs in ClixSense

Potential Jobs in ClixSense

The Old Way

People who pay for Jobs include test questions from time to time, these Jobs are made available to all members. If you don’t have the requirements to be at least level 1, you should check if there are Jobs available when you pass by.

Once you answer 100 test questions, if 70% of the test questions were correctly answered, you become level 1. 80% and you are level 2. 85% and you are level 3.

Lately however, there is a shortage of these test questions so it can take a long time to reach the levels required to access the good tasks. But a new way to reach the levels is on the way.

The New Incoming Way

CrowdFlower is currently working on a new way to reach level 1: An Entrance Exam.

The Entrance Exam will be a series of unpaid tasks that contain only Test Questions, which means that, whether or not Jobs are available, new Contributors will always have an opportunity to increase their Level statistics.

The Entrance Exam will be available in September 2015. This article will be updated once it is available; currently it is being tested.

Entrance Exam

Entrance Exam Coming in September

Here is how the Jobs/Tasks work in ClixSense

ClixSense as well as NeoBux and many other systems have ties with the crowdsourcing service CrowdFlower.

Companies make deals with CrowdFlower, then use it to organize data or other tasks. CrowdFlower makes the tasks available to ClixSense members. Members of ClixSense do the Jobs and get paid within ClixSense.

But some tasks require certain qualifications, either to have a certain precision (given by reaching levels), to be in a certain geographical location, to speak a certain language.

CrowdFlower requires you to sign-in with Facebook, which is what it uses to obtain the data to create you a profile so it knows what Jobs to make available to you.

Jobs for Norway

Jobs per geographical location

Completing 10 tasks can help to fulfil the daily checklist. You need to either complete 10 tasks, complete 5 tasks and an offer/survey, or ignore the tasks completely and complete two offers/surveys.

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