BuxP and their response to losing Paypal

By | May 4, 2017

Every site that allows sharing revenue to its members has been getting hit by PayPal. It is not a very good “Pal”. BuxP also got the same threatment. At first they allow them to sell their services with PayPal, just to remove it from Cashouts. But then they changed their mind and completely banned BuxP. In BuxP words while trying to deal with PayPal:

settling a meeting with the U.S. President would have been easier than communicating with PayPal.

So now what?

BuxP has a variety of services that have good value, such as Facebook Likes, Google+ +1’s, YouTube video views. They have been working quite intense at adding new ways to pay for their services. They accept Payza and Bitcoin now, and are working to add Payoneer and Skrill but those are only ideas at this point.

PayPal accounted for about 95% of their income, it was a big hit for them and these days are not many Ads available to watch.

While Bitcoin is not yet implemented as a Cashout option, they do take Bitcoins and they are already encouraging people to add the Bitcoin addresses (have you get yours?) to their profiles.


I hope that they make it through. As a way to support them I will be watching Ads there, joining things that I see promoted in there, and I’ll buy a couple of things from them, most likely with Bitcoin.

It is a matter of time before all PTC Services get hit by the restrictive PayPal policies. At the same time, Bitcoin reached today, 4th of May, a price of USD$1,500. I envision a future where this sort of services move more to Bitcoin. BuxP already takes it, and here I already wrote how to join the world of Bitcoin if you still haven’t join. While this site is not dedicated to cryptocurrencies, as the time goes they will become an important part of our world.

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