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By | July 15, 2017

In my article of March 21, titled «NeoBux: What is coming» I talked about how the recent changes in PayPal were affecting the different PTC Networks, and that that policy change was very likely to reach also NeoBux at some point. Well, it happened. What is NeoBux’s response to the change?

This is serious. PayPal is no longer supported in NeoBux. There are no purchases, no deposits, and specially, no withdrawals via PayPal. PayPal is of course withholding all of the funds of NeoBux, and it will likely take a little bit of time and a lot of paperwork to release them.

July, 7th, NeoBux’s Admin wrote a post about the situation, you can read it full here:

But the important points are that:

  • They will adapt and make the transition as smoothly as possible to the users.
  • No user will lose a single penny.
  • There will be no deductions of any kind.
  • Any and all limitations regarding PayPal such as the ones in the point 5.1 of their terms will be removed (more on that right after the list).
  • All Paypal buttons have been removed from the site.
  • The changes and adaptations will be fully implemented within the next weeks.

Withdrawals to some accounts, if you have never put funds into NeoBux from those accounts, is currently not possible, but they ask us to have a little patience, it is a huge huge change, but I believe that NeoBux has earned the trust of anyone using it seriously, they have a very sustainable business model, and I believe that they will adapt to this change.

The limitation in point 5.1 of their terms of service is that where you can only withdraw to an account as much as you have put into NeoBux from that account; except from your main account, where withdrawals are unlimited.

That limitation will be removed, so you can withdraw your funds to whichever account suits you best.

They mentioned in their announcement that users in NeoBux has already been moving away from Paypal as of late. Personally, I have been putting some funds into it from Skrill and withdrawing into Neobux, but with no limitation, I can just withdraw to Skrill as much as I want.

What did Paypal tell NeoBux?

Apparently there was a very bad PTC Network (no kidding, again, bad PTC Networks are the reason I created this website in the first place), and then Paypal, being your «Pal», decided to punish absolutely every single network that dealed with PTC. And Paypal doesn’t warn, they just close the accounts and lock the funds, then say something about they having a problem with you.

What do I expect of NeoBux now?

Only the best. I know that many people did not like NeoBux when they tried it, but here is the thing: Those users had absolutely no idea of how NeoBux works, they expected to open the account, put some funds on it, and see them magically grow.

I am sorry, but if you are going to put money on a system, and you will not even bother to learn anything about said system, you kind of have a problem.

But that is not you who is reading this, you are here after all, I think you are really trying to make a living and not looking for a magic fix to all of your economical woes, so kudos to you.

But I digress. NeoBux has a very viable and solid business model, and PTC Ads are not their only source of income. They have surveys, they have offers, they have tasks.

And their rented referrals system is nice. It takes ages to build, but it can grow to give you that finantial freedom that you seek. But the cost of it is your dedication, your constancy, and some of your time. If you have neither of them, then my advice is simple: do not join NeoBux.

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