First Halloween Promotion at NeoBux

By | October 25, 2016

As every year, the time of Halloween is a good time to invest a little in NeoBux or to use those funds which you have been accumulating. Every year Halloween brings discounts in both the Golden membership and in rented referral extensions.

At this moment we haven’t get a discounted referral extension, but Golden membership purchase or upgrade has a $20 discount, so it cost USD$70 instead of the usual USD$90.

In adition there is an extra AdPrize chance per Ad viewed, so you get 5 chances instead of the usual 4.

As an advertiser this means that you get extra Advertising views with your purchases, an extra 25% more views in AdPrize on every package.

You can find more about AdPrize at How to make money in NeoBux: AdPrize

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