TrafficHurricane, the new scam/fraud from the TrafficMonson team

By | October 9, 2016

It has been a long time since I wrote anything about TrafficMonsoon in the site. In the mean time TrafficMonsoon completely dissapeared, taking with them all of those promised payments. But they are back, and now the name is TrafficHurricane. Be very careful with investing on it…



What is TrafficHurricane and what was TrafficMonsoon?

TrafficHurricane and TrafficMonsoon are promoted as revenue-sharing systems, you invest some money on Ads, you look at Ads, and the money that you put on it begins to accumulate until it becomes slightly higher than the original investment. In here you put in USD$50 and it comes back after a couple of months as USD$55 which you can then withdraw.

Of course it has also a component of Multi-level marketing: you invite people, you get part of the money that they generate. You basically get the same amount for one click that they make than for one click that you make. And there is only one level of referrals from which you get money.

Why is it a Scam?

At the start of it, you actually do get the money. I did invest some in TrafficMonsoon and I did get to cashout a couple of times.

But then problems appear that make it impossible to cashout. The person who ran TrafficMonsoon (and who very likely is running TrafficHurricane although his name is nowhere there) is/was Charles Scoville, and he has been a serial PTC scammer. He does the exact same thing always, he opens a PTC site, pays at the start and people joins and invest, then problems start and nobody can cashout, then the sites vanish.

That is exactly how it went with TrafficMonsoon, and I think that is how TrafficHurricane will go also. TrafficHurricane doesn’t even count with PayPal support, he probably got banned from there and this is one of the reasons that make me believe it is still the same guy.

Is it completely uselesss?

It is not, it still has some value as a place to advertise things, in TrafficMonsoon I did like the banner advertising, you pay, and they are shown until they are clicked 20 times, I even got some referral signups from there in other networks such as ClixSense and NeoBux.

But TrafficMonsoon had an advantage that TrafficHurricane does not: an unbelievable amount of traffic of people new to the PTC world and to the world of making money online.

You can do try TrafficHurricane, but if you go in, know its history, and a word of advice:

Never invest something that you are unwilling to lose.

What are the alternatives?

As always, I suggest the two PTC networks that has been given me money without any issues:

The best in my opinion and something to get money fast: ClixSense. I wrote quite a few guides about ClixSense: What it is, How it works, and How to make money on it

And then there is also NeoBux, an opportunity, but not for everybody as it takes a longer time to build NeoBux into an income stream.

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