Viefaucet, a great PTC and faucet

By | March 29, 2023

I started to feel a little selfish by using this PTC/faucet as much as I do without sharing it, so apologize for not doing it before, here I go.

Viefaucet is a faucet that is not as obnoxious to use as many other alternatives. What you get there can be withdrawn in a number of currencies. It utilizes, and it has multiple crypto-currencies available to withdraw. Faucetpay basically allows the person with a faucet to load a cryptocurrency, and then the faucet user can withdraw it. Viefaucet keeps several of the currencies with funds.

Internally they use tokens, then when you withdraw, you select the crypto that you withdraw too and they get converted to that.

To acquire these tokens they have the faucet, PTC Ads, an Offerwall that includes surveys, they have tasks that can be created by other members, they have short links, and of course, they have referrals.