The rebirth of PTC Secret

By | October 6, 2022

It has been a long time since I wrote something for PTC Secret, in both English and Spanish.

The original purpose of the site was to both show ways to make money online and warn about scams.

I was struggling myself back then and figuring out a way to make money online was a matter of survival for me, and if I found something that worked, I wanted to share it. I felt that I was not the only one struggling.

But then I saw how the environment was. I have the fortune to really love numbers and I have some autistic tendencies in regard to planning and organizing. I could see (or more like calculate) whether a system had an unsustainable business model and how it would eventually crash and leave all investors struggling to recover anything.

A case in point is the old Traffic Monsoon, it was a widely promoted network that just collapsed and left everyone with nothing. But it was a gradual process, there were signs and events that lead to that.

The creator ended up paying millions to SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), he was the serial scammer Charles Scoville.

Seeing ads for (the old one was .com) prompted me to come back and write. Now I can see what is still there after all of these years.

So anyway, here I go again. And seeing where we are going in the world, I believe that I should share what I have in the hope that it can help someone.