Don’t confuse Money with Wealth

By | April 18, 2015


You may not have a lot of money right now: your pocket may be empty, your finances may be in negative numbers. But you have wealth, and is taken away all the time. And the reality for most of us is: We give it away.

How does rich people become rich?

They don’t accumulate money, they accumulate wealth. And only then they turn this wealth into money.

And how do they get wealth? Some build systems, some purchase wealth, but the majority take YOUR wealth.

And it is so damn easy to do. Why? Because you think that Money equals Wealth, so you take the wealth that you have and give it away for next to nothing. Then you get some money, and you feel happy and accomplished. But the value is in the wealth, not in the money. And they got yours.

Defining Wealth

If you don’t understand what wealth is, how are you supposed to protect it? And if you don’t protect it, how is it going to accumulate?

Let’s start with the dictionary definition:

Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions

The key word here is “Valuable.” What is valuable? Is it the money? As the saying goes “Money comes and goes.” How can this be valuable? All the money that you have right now, could go. In fact, you may already be in a situation where there is not a lot of it.

That which either can not be recovered or can not be purchased is what is valuable.

At the very least you have two things: Your time, and your experiences. If you are active in a Paid-to-click System, you also have reach.

Turning Wealth into Money

If this was easy, everybody would do it. But, if you read this far, you do have the interest. You don’t just kind of want it, you do want it.

I’m not going to lie to you, I can promise you that. I could easily impress you somehow; it has been a soul-crushing journey for me the last couple of years but I now live in Norway in a beautiful place, and I have one good suit. I could make a video showing you a life of splendor, tell you that I got that from one of the systems (or several), ignite your dreams, and fool you into thinking that you are going to get what I got from what I am promoting to you.

I am not going to do that. I am on the same journey that you are, only a little ahead. I don’t have a map. But I have a compass, and this is all I need to get where I want to get and I believe that you want to get to the same place that I do: Finantial Freedom. You can avoid many of the trenches that I already fell into if you follow me.

This one site is dedicated to make a good and better use of the Paid-to-Click systems out there. And I am going to do my best; the one thing that got me to where I am right now is that I always do that, and that I am honest.

So, Welcome, and let’s do this!  I can not promise you an easy journey, but I can promise you company on it.

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