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By | August 11, 2015

I want you to understand something, and the faster you understand it, the better for you: No one has ever build a system where the primary objective is that YOU make money. But there is one more thing to understand: YOU are the value of the Systems Online.

They Need You to make money. And they don’t need you to pass by once in a while to click on some Ads and then disappear. Every system needs you active, very active. And every system will try to offer you something to promote your constant and frequent participation.

Make Money Online

Whether this is enough for you or not is up to you. But, if you don’t understand the system to reward your participation beyond clicking on some nearly worthless ads, you may be missing the whole point of it.

A good reason why systems offer you upgraded memberships and why it is a good idea to get one, is because you are very likely to be active in the system from then on. That is just basic psychology: you put money into something, you will try to use it. And trust me, it will not work if me or someone else pays it for you at the start.

But if you want to get something out of nothing, then the challenge is not to find a system where you can do it; there are plenty.

The challenge is more a personal challenge; because every system is going to reward you for being active in them. Not for being active 1 hour the first day, but for being active every single day. It doesn’t matter if it is 5 minutes every day, what matters is that it is every day.

And that is what this website is about, and why I don’t post that often. I am looking into some systems and working out how they actually work, deeply, so I can pass-on this information to you and you have a fighting chance for your future.

Job security is gone in many countries; the system got broken beyond repair. You can wake up every day and go to work, but you are getting nowhere and you are building nothing for yourself. Some of these systems give very little when you start, but they give you a chance to grow a future, to create passive income; a chance that you are not getting from anywhere else.

Whatever formula for living you got in your childhood just forget it, regardless of how good the intention behind it was; the world doesn’t work the way you were told. So bury away those ideas of how things are supposed to work, and deal with how things actually work.

Some systems I build passive income on

Just a short list, as these are the systems I will be publishing guides about in the soon-to-come future.

As I said, I’ll get started here, ClixSense was already covered, NeoBux barely covered, but if you are not in them already, it may be a good idea to start seeing ads so you have some resources to invest and get things going.

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