The biggest mistake people does in a PTC Site

By | April 18, 2015

MistakeYou have been surfing pages through ads, and you got yourself some credits to promote a page. There is one thing that many are doing that you should absolutely avoid…

What biggest mistake I am talking about?

Don’t promote the same page that gave you the credits with those credits!


Because the only people who are going to see your ad are the people who are already registered in the system. You will never get referrals that way.

What should I do then?

What you need is something to promote. And what I mean with this is: You need something to promote that benefits YOU.

Here are some ideas, although I will surely expand this:

Idea 1: Join a new PTC system

You can use the credits gained in a Paid-to-Click System to gain referrals in the other PTC System. And here you have two options:

Option 1: Join an established, proved, well-known PTC System


  • You know it works


  • There is many people already on those systems, the chances to get somebody new in there are lower.

Good PTC Systems

  • neobux – It has been operating for 7 years. (For your referral link go to “My Account” or click in your username in the top-right corner, then go to “Banners” and there it is in Link)
  • ClixSense – Online for 8 years, many ways to earn money. (Your affiliate link is right in the top menu, just click the little link icon)
  • EasyHits4U – This one has been around for more than 12 years and it is one of my favorites. (Your referral link is in the “My Referrals” tab)
  • And many more… I have quite a bit of them, I will publish the list, but I also want to say a little about them. It will come, if you want you can subscribe to our mailing list, there you can get updates, news of the PTC World and exclusive information.

Option 2: Join a new, recently created PTC System


  • There isn’t a lot of people already using these systems, your chances to get people to join are higher.


  • It is not a proven system, it may even be a scam.

New PTC Systems to join

  • Traffic Monsoon – A site that is growing a lot in popularity these days. (Your referral link is right in the account overview when you log in).
  • Bux888 – Another site growing. (Your referral link is right in the dashboard)
  • Madvertising Pro – It is just launching today. (Your referral link is also readily available after you log in)

Idea 2: Get a page or a blog

I could tell you a lot about this; I could write and write for hours, because either managing them, making them, promoting them, or helping in them is my primay activity these days.

But I will only tell you this:

You have something of value to share with the world.

Nobody has your experiences, specially your most difficult ones; the ones that teached you, the ones that made you who you are. It doesn’t matter how hard they have been, if you are reading this is only because you survived them, and if getting through those things don’t make you feel that you have something worthy to share, I don’t know what will.

There is no lack of platforms these days to share. I’ll list three of them here that are easy to use:

  • WordPress – A very powerful and well know hosting platform.
  • Blogger – The weblog publishing tool from Google.
  • Medium – A new platform that I have been checking out lately, it makes very easy to write and share content.

And of course, you can always get a domain, get some hosting, and just get writing. You already have the way to get people to read what you write. Not all of them will read it of course, but some will.

Idea 3: Offer someone to promote his/her site in exchange for something

You can go to somebody and tell him/her “listen, I have credit in a traffic exchange system and I can send X real visitors to your site.”

Final Words

Just use your imagination

You have reach, you will get people to see something, and it is valuable. For the people who likes to see nice statistics on their sites is valuable. For the people who want to have an opinion seen by others is valuable. For people who is trying to promote a product is valuable.

Ultimately you are taking a little bit of time out of people, invaluable time. You have this, you earned this, use it wisely.

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