First Halloween 2018 Promotion at NeoBux

By | October 26, 2018

The first Halloween 2018 promotion has arrived at NeoBux

AdPrize visualizations:

  • 1 more AdPrize chance per advertisement = 5 total chances

Which means that for you, as an advertiser, your Ad gets seen more times as you get 25% more AdPrize views

You may ask: Are you still using NeoBux?

Yes, I am. I just haven’t been growing it lately. 2018 has been a pretty tough year, I see the ads, I accumulate the earned cash, I extend rented referrals to 240 days and I recycle them when they go inactive. But if I get into a situation where I have to make a payment and I don’t seem to have enough, I always get into NeoBux and I withdraw what I have, it has never failed me.

I continue accumulating the referral information every day, studying it, and improving my recycling strategy. I will be sharing it soon, the website hasn’t seen a lot of action this year but I am still here, and even though life is very different now for me, I am even in a different country, this world is still around and it is still a good opportunity for that extra income stream.