NeoBux – Payment Freedom update December 2019

By | December 21, 2019

While I have not updated the site in a while, I did spend the year utilizing NeoBux to really see how to turn it into a source of income. This site is not only about NeoBux of course, but it has always been one of the sites heavily promoted. Without further commentary, I would like to start again by writing about this new update, which I personally believe is great news.

NeoBux always had a variety of payment processors. When I joined it had PayPal but after a change made by them (PayPal), this one was lost. This particular change resulted in many PTC Networks going out of business as they relied on it. But NeoBux is one of the networks that survived that change.

However, there was one limitation: You could withdraw limitless to only one of the accounts. To the other accounts, you could withdraw as much as you deposited from them. To make another payment processor the main one, it took for you to put from that account more than they another one. But, as of today, this limitation doesn’t exist anymore.

You can withdraw to any payment processor you want to, regardless of any previous purchases. This will open for them the possibility to also try other payment processors or so they say. Currently, they handle Skrill, Neteller and AirTM.