NeoBux 10 year anniversary

By | March 25, 2018

It is usual that Bux sites don’t last long, mostly because they are scams just pretending to work like NeoBux does. Well, now THE Bux site has turned 10 years old, so it is having some anniversary promotions. What makes NeoBux different?

NeoBux X Anniversary

NeoBux X Anniversary

10 Years NeoBux Anniversary Promotions

AdPrize visualizations:

  • 2 more AdPrize chance per advertisement = 6 total chances

Which means that for you, as an advertiser, your Ad gets seen more times as you get 50% more AdPrize views

Renewal discount on referrals for all memberships:

  • 30 days: 8%
  • 60 days: 13%
  • 90 days: 20%
  • 150 days: 27%
  • 240 days: 32%

The strategy, if you are into rented referrals, is always to extend for as long as possible, that way it is cheaper and it is worth it.

What makes NeoBux different?

The first thing is that it actually pays, usually instantly when you request a payment.

Another thing is how long it has been around, but this is not exactly what makes it different, what it does that allowed it to function and pay this long is.

I have seen them very interested in getting sure that everybody participating and spending their time viewing Ads gets their fair share of the revenue that they get.

Their rented referral system can allow a person to establish a solid cash flow if enough time is spent developing it. Plus they have direct referrals if you are into getting referrals in other ways, plus they have tasks and offers. Used properly, you can have an alternative source of income.

But I won’t lie, while the rented referral system does work, and it personally would benefit me if you join following my link and putting in a lot of cash on it, I don’t want you to just do that, I want the system to also work for you. And it does takes time and constancy, not do a lot, but do it daily.

How do I use the Rented Referral system of NeoBux properly?

First, if you invest, say, $100 USD, don’t spend them all on renting referrals, rent a few, so that you can extend those few all the way to 240 days. I’d rent like 30 and see how it goes from there.

And then see the orange Ads every day, so those referrals generate cash for you (watch more Ads if you can/want of course). And take care of the activity of your rented referrals.

  • Renew referrals who have not click at all if they get to 6 or 7 days old, so you get fresh ones.
  • Renew referrals who have not click in the last 10 days if they have been with you less than 25 days.
  • Renew referrals who have not click in the last 11 days if they have been with you less than 50 days.
  • Renew referrals who have not click in the last 12 days if they have been with you less than 100 days.
  • Renew anyone who has not click in the last 13 days.
  • Renew anyone whose clicking average is under 0.6

Too much? Just recycle if you feel they are not active enough for you. I am always experimenting, this is how I do it nowadays so I share it. If you renew anyone who hasn’t click in 7~8 days, regardless of how long they have been with you, that is fine too.

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