Serious scam warning against Traffic Monsoon

By | February 19, 2016

Traffic Monsoon tries to reassure its members that they will get paid, but now the funds were put in a “Pending Status” and members can not do anything about it.

In 2015 Traffic Monsoon did work and always paid on time, but now I think is fair to declare the site a scam.

First of all, it wouldn’t be the first time that Charles Scoville does it, experinces problems and then closes the site.

But another issue here is that with the activity of the site completely plummeting, it is very unlikely that even if they pay back the funds to the members, people would be rushing to inject cash into the site to continue the same business model.

It was kind of nice while it lasted, but nothing last forever. If you are looking to build a network in a solid site, as I usually say, I recommend ClixSense. I am taking the advice I took from my previous note about Traffic Monsoon, that is the best I can advice.

What are the alternatives to Traffic Monsoon?

It is difficult to replace exactly what Traffic Monsoon was in 2015. Despite the fact that a lot of systems promote themselves as “the new Traffic Monsoon” and “the next Traffic Monsoon”, they lack the amount of users that Traffic Monsoon had. Some good systems to use, based on it’s antiquity and the fact that they actually pay and have a sustainable business model, are:

For some quick cash with no Investment

ClixSense is your best choice. There are other PTC Sites that offer some ways to do money online, there are other sites that offer Surveys or a Grid game, but why go for the second if you can go for the best and most trusted one? Operating since 2007, and with a good Affiliate program available, you know your time spent building that network won’t go to waste.

It is good for getting money to spend soon, and you can cash-out to multiple payment processors which is a HUGE advantage. It is also a great system to promote and build your affiliate network.

For a long term strategy with/without Investment (with investment is faster of course)

NeoBux is the best choice here. If you don’t have the time or the will to build an affiliate network, then its rented referral system is for you. A little warning though, without investment it is going to take you a very very long time to build the income stream to a point in which it makes a difference in your life.

Operating since 2008, you know it isn’t a site that will just fade away as the other Bux sites do. This is the site that every Bux site tries to imitate, but fail.

Good Traffic Exchanges

There are plenty of Traffic Exchanges available online, with varying levels of activity each one; and there are Networks of Traffic Exchanges that reward you for seeing sites in it’s different member sites.

EasyHits4U is my favourite Traffic Exchange. With a multitude of tools to help you promote your referral links (such as Splash Pages and Site Rotators) both inside and outside of EasyHits4U; the ability to display your sites to specific segments (you can show to specific languages or specific countries, and if you have an upgraded account even to specific regions of the countries), plus a very active community, you can reach a lot of people and perform marketing research and carry out testing of your ads.

The Best Traffic Exchange

clicktrafficprofit is another group of Traffic Exchanges, and this one has a lot of members and other opportunities to make some money, plus plenty of resources about affiliate marketing.


The last two networks of Traffic Exchanges need more than a single post to go into detail about it’s strategies and opportunities available in them.

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