Skrill cashouts now available in NeoBux

By | February 19, 2016

Now cashouts to Skrill are available to NeoBux members with the following fees:

Payments from $2 to $50: $1 fixed fee
Payments above $50: 2% fee

In NeoBux you can cashout unlimited funds to your primary cashout account, but to the other payment processors you can cashout up to the money that you deposited from that account. Your primary cashout account is the one you have used to purchase the most.

Say you buy $200 using PayPal and $50 using Skrill and you accumulate $800 in your NeoBux account.

Then you can cashout $800 to PayPal, but only $50 to Skrill.

If later on you deposit $200 more with Skrill so the deposit from Skrill reaches $250, then you will be able to cashout $200 to PayPal or $800 to Skrill.

The reason for this is that NeoBux doesn’t become just a tool to move funds from Payment Processor to Payment Processor, it would not be sustainable. But you can choose your favorite payment processor and use it’s funds and get your funds back without a problem.

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