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NeoBux losses Paypal

In my article of March 21, titled «NeoBux: What is coming» I talked about how the recent changes in PayPal were affecting the different PTC Networks, and that that policy change was very likely to reach also NeoBux at some point. Well, it happened. What is NeoBux’s response to the change? This is serious. PayPal… Read More »

NeoBux: What is coming

If you are using NeoBux too, and you have been paying attention to what is happening in the PTC World, you know what is going to happen. PayPal have been suspending the services to a variety of system with a Revenue-Sharing model. Of the main sites that I promote here, EasyHits4U was hit first by… Read More »

Skrill cashouts now available in NeoBux

Now cashouts to Skrill are available to NeoBux members with the following fees: Payments from $2 to $50: $1 fixed fee Payments above $50: 2% fee In NeoBux you can cashout unlimited funds to your primary cashout account, but to the other payment processors you can cashout up to the money that you deposited from… Read More »