How to make money on ClixSense: Referrals

By | July 26, 2015

Completing tasks, filling out surveys, seeing ads, playing the ClixGrid game will give you income, but if you want to make more money on ClixSense, you need referrals. What are referrals and how do I get them?

Referrals on ClixSense

You can invite more people to join and participate in ClixSense, and every time they make money by the normal activities, you get something too. People who join invited by you are known as your “referrals”.

ClixSense has no limit on the number of referrals that you can have, if 1,000 people join under you, then you get part of what those 1,000 are earning.

You also make money from your referrals:

  • Sign-up commission – If your referral makes $10 you get $1 as standard, or as premium if your referral makes $5 you get $2.
  • Buying ads – If you referral buys normal ads or ClixGrid ads, you get 10%, up to $1 as standard or $2 as premium.
  • Premium Membership Upgrade – If your referral upgrades his account, you get $1 as standard or $2 as premium

What is more, with the premium membership, which cost only $17 for a year, you earn from membership upgrades up to 8 levels.

This means, you earn $2 from upgrades of who you invite, $1 from upgrades of who they invite, $1 from upgrades of who they invite, and so on up to 8 levels below you. $2 from your direct referrals, $1 from the referrals of your referrals.

Yeah, I got it, what do I do?

What I always recommend is to use one of the Splash pages that ClixSense has available for you, and then promote that link:

To access them:

  1. Go to Affiliates
  2. Click on Splash Pages

You have two of them available:

ClixSense Splash Pages

ClixSense Splash Pages

I normally use “Clouds” to promote, unless I have my own landing/splash page, then I send to “Signup” as I already spoke about ClixSense.

Simply copy the link at “Your special affiliate link for this Splash Page:”, my link looks like:

This is the link that you can share, either via ads, or to your friends, or in a Traffic Exchange, for example in EasyHits4U:

How to promote ClixSense in EasyHits4U

More guides to come, in more Traffic Exchanges, for example in Traffic Monsoon, or in PTC Systems, for example NeoBuxScarlet ClicksBuxP and many many others…

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