How to promote ClixSense in EasyHits4U

By | July 25, 2015

EasyHits4U is, in my opinion, the best Traffic Exchange, while ClixSense is, in my opinion, the best PTC System. I am going to focus in promoting either a splash page or a banner from ClixSense inside of EasyHits4U. The amount of new people joining EasyHits4U nowadays is huge.

Promoting A ClixSense Splash Page

Instead of promoting your affiliate link, that you can find in your profile, you can try one of the splash pages that ClixSense offers, they produce better results.

To access them:

  1. Go to Affiliates
  2. Click on Splash Pages

You have two of them available:

ClixSense Splash Pages

ClixSense Splash Pages

I normally use “Clouds” to promote, unless I have my own landing/splash page, then I send to “Signup” as I already spoke about ClixSense.

So lets promote clouds. Simply copy the link at “Your special affiliate link for this Splash Page:”, my link looks like:

Now in EasyHits4U lets go to “My Sites” > “Add a new site”

Add a new site in EasyHits4U

Add a new site in EasyHits4U

Lets fill in the link, put on a name to this item, and click on “Add Site”

Adding the new site in EasyHits4U

Adding the new site in EasyHits4U

After we click “Add Site” we need to wait 20 seconds for the site to be confirmed.

Site Confirmation at EasyHits4U

Site Confirmation at EasyHits4U

And we are done, we can add credits to the link and let it be promoted. Of course it needs to be displayed to a lot of people, but with all the new people getting into this world, it is only a matter of exposure.

Promoting a ClixSense Banner

We need two things here:

  1. The address we are going to send people to. You can select one of the Splash Pages as written earlier in this article.
  2. The image of the banner. We are going to choose a banner and get the address of it now.

In ClixSense, go to “Affiliates” > “Banners”. Then scroll down to the ones that are 468×60 in size, and there are 8 for you to choose. The banners in ClixSense, all pass the requirements of EasyHits4U in weight and format, so lets just proceed.

Choose the banner of your preference from the different options, I am going to use the first one as an example:

First Banner at ClixSense

First Banner at ClixSense

We are going to use the address of the landing page that we want, as discussed previously in this article, and the value of “Banner Link” of the banner that we prefer.

Now, in EasyHits4U, go to “My Banners” and once there click on “Add a new banner”. In the dialog that appears fill these two values, Splash Page link as Target Link and Banner Link as Banner file link. “Alt Text” is a text that will be displayed when someone scrolls over the banner, I highly recommend to write something on it.

Add a new banner in EasyHits4U

Add a new banner in EasyHits4U

There you go, you can put to good use those credits and banner impressions in EasyHits4U

What else can I do?

There are many strategies and resources for getting referrals under any system, one that I consider to be more successful is to Create a Splash Page at EasyHits4U.

But I will expand on the resources and techniques as the page advances, plus invite people who wants to collaborate. The reason I don’t promote my links globally is so people who wants can write an article and have his/her own referral links on it.

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