It’s all about constancy

By | December 29, 2015

Just think about this: Would you have a job if you only went once? Would you keep it if you went some days and skip most days?

It won’t matter how good that one day was, how much you accomplished in that one day, or how effective or good you are at doing what you do if you can not keep doing it.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

You can have constancy, you do it at your job every day, for years, even for a life time. Why then can you not have it when it comes to your own things?

The purpose of this post is to give you some insight into what happens in your mind, because the best opportunities to make money online depend on this, in your ability to do something, however small, but do it every single day.

Developing constancy in life

Constancy is nice and all, but how do I develop it? Or more importantly, how do I develop it to benefit ME?

You may wake up one day and begin doing push-ups, and maybe do 50 of them but then do nothing the next day. This goes for any activity such as eating healthy or eating less and of course saving money. Starting gives you motivation, but that motivation fades as you only start at the start.

However, you can instead do 10 push-ups, save a pair of bucks, have a healthy breakfast. You will feel like you can do a lot more, but just do a little bit and get on with your day. And this will leave you unsatisfied thinking that you can do a lot more, so the next day you will have that unsatisfaction to keep you going.

Would you like to wake up one month later and think “I did 50 push-ups this month” or “I did 300 push-ups this month”. Thinking “I saved 10 bucks this month” or “I saved 60 bucks this month”?

That is all there is to it. Do it over and over and over, until what you are doing becomes a habit. You have a lot of habits that you may not even be aware of, what if you start making habits that YOU decide to have as habits?

You are not what you do one day, you are what you do every day.

Where your constancy pays: NeoBux

NeoBux is a prime example of constancy that pays. It takes only a little time a day, and it can be built to the point in which it generates hundreds of USD for you, constantly. But it is very few people who ever gets there, because it takes using it every single day for months, years even, depending of how big to you want the income to grow.

Every system promises the same thing, why NeoBux then? Because it has been around long enough to trust that it is not going to just fade away tomorrow, rendering all the time that you spent on it worthless. And it does pay. I have only make tests to get sure, there are also the forums extremely active full of payment proofs.

Anyway, I have invited people into NeoBux but some times it isn’t just for them to earn a little extra cash, some times I do it to test their constancy in order to invite them to other projects or to participate in other ideas. Pretty much anyone under me on a PTC network, whether it is NeoBux, ClixSense, Traffic Monsoon, EasyHits4U or others will get an invitation to participate in this site, it is a plan for 2016.

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