Your NeoBux account can get closed for inactivity!

By | August 13, 2017

Of the people that registers in NeoBux following my link, I have noticed how many of them losses their accounts due to inactivity. I think it is more widespread than just those who follow my link. I want you to be aware of how easy it is to lose the account due to inactivity.

And I am writing this as a person who lost two NeoBux accounts myself. My sister also lost some of them. And plenty of the people accussing NeoBux of being a scam lost accounts too.

So, lets take a look at their terms of service:

After 30 days of inactivity, your account will be temporarily suspended and permanently suspended after 60 days of inactivity. An inactive user for the first 72 hours after registration will have the account permanently suspended.

This is it whats cost many people their accounts. And NeoBux does NOT delete accounts, it only gives a permanent suspension. Which means, you can not register again utilizing the same username.

Don’t I promote NeoBux all the time? Why am I posting this?

If you join a system because you followed one of my links, I actually want you to succeed in the system, I want you to make money out of it, that is why I do what I do. So, before you join NeoBux, and with the purpose of not waste your time because I see it very valuable, I want you to join knowing what it takes to turn NeoBux into a profit making machine.

It is possible, I have mentioned how to use the rented referrals system in NeoBux if you are not so much into getting direct referrals. I believe they are actually real people, but in order for that to even have a chance to work, they have to keep active users inside the system and suspend those who are not, it is like that.

And now Games are coming to NeoBux also. I believe they are actually trying to increase the level of activity, so, to end this note, my advice is still: if you are getting in NeoBux, get in. If not, value your time and put it somewhere else. You are very welcome if you are in for the ride.

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