The Best PTC Sites of 2016

By | December 30, 2016

Now it is 2016 that is almost over. Not surprisingly the main sites didn’t change at all, and again many are gone and some stopped paying. And my objective also remains the same, to go deep into the PTC world to find opportunities that work and protect people from scams, while teaching some good marketing techniques that have worked for me. These are the sites that were and still are very solid.


If you want to make money soon and not build something for months to get an income that can make a difference, then don’t waste time and begin using ClixSense.

A good source of balance in ClixSense are the Surveys, but also there are some fairly decent offers, there are mini-jobs available, and of course there are PTC ads and the possibility to build a downline to earn more. The Premium membership cost only USD$17.00 per year, and you can get to that quickly.

ClixSense has been around since 2007, and its business model is pretty sustainable, they have no problem paying the members because the money is not simply circulating inside the system, it comes in, the members do things, we get paid. And the promotion where if you generate USD$17 for me and give me your opinion about ClixSense, and then I get USD$17 in your PayPal with me absorving the PayPal fee is still standing. It has become a permanent promotion if I am your sponsor.


Activities in NeoBux provide income, but if you do the rented referrals, those need need a long-term strategy, this is the system that you build over a long period of time to get the benefits. And you set how much do you want to earn and build it to that point before start cashing out. What makes NeoBux a good option is that it has been around for a very long time and it has a sustainable business model.

Of course if the objective is to cash-out USD$10 a month, that is not actually hard to accomplish. Even starting from absolute 0 investment, you get there in a couple of months. If the objective is to cash out USD$1,000 a month however, that takes time, but it is still very possible if you have the patience and the constancy to get there.

Not a get-rich-quick scheme for sure, but if those worked, you wouldn’t be here reading this.

A good way to build that in NeoBux is of course by using the rented referrals.You can read more about How do Rented Referrals work in NeoBux.


I think I should promote this site a little more. This site sells more than pages views, it also sells things such as YouTube and Vimeo views, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, Google+1’s. And of course, you are paid to give those ones also, if you are interested. It has been around since 2008, and what it offers has value for the right markets.

Scarlet-Clicks & GPT Planet

These two sites are owned by the same person. They have been around since 2009 (Scarlet-Clicks) and 2010 (GPT Planet), they normally have lots of Ads available and both have rented referrals available, I am still testing that one. In NeoBux the rented referral system works great, a lot of scams come up all the time with rented referrals that are nothing, so I will keep my judgement on this one until I truly try it. But it is a great place to promote things, I think that is why it has been alive for a long time and very likely it will continue to be alive.

Special mention: BTC Clicks

Nowadays BitCoins have become a very popular and a very accepted method of payment for services, you can even buy plane tickets with them, and there are places where you can eat paying with them.

BTC Clicks is a good PTC system where you can earn them, seeing Ads and inviting people like in the other PTC systems. I have been working in a series of articles about them that I am getting ready to publish. I run a node myself and I joined the project at a very early stage of it, where you could use a simple computer to generate a few hundreds of them, and back then they were pretty much worthless. Nowadays to generate them you would need massive super-computers working 24-7 to have a chance, but you can earn them in many other ways.

There are also BitCoin Faucets, where you see a page with Ads around and you get parts of BitCoins, an example of a Faucet is Bonus Bitcoin. But more of this will come next year, for now I will just mention BTC Clicks. Do you need a BitCoin wallet? I use Mycellium on the phone because of its practicallity, I had to check other wallets online for the incoming articles, for me I used addresses that I generated from the node. Banner
Bonus Bitcoin Banner

And just to finish, a Traffic Exchange: EasyHits4U

It includes some excellent tools, such as a good Site Rotator and the possibility to make Splash Pages.

So you are in the world of making money online now, you have pages to promote, and here is a fantastic place to do it. Right now they have an issue taking PayPal payments, but the tools in there are still great and it is still a very active Traffic Exchange. And they are working in the PayPal situation, but they take Payza, SolidTrust (which accepts BitCoins, Visa, Mastercard), and Payment Wall (which accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express).

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

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