Many are doing this in Traffic Monsoon; this is why you shouldn’t do it

By | April 23, 2015

The situation with Traffic Monsoon has changed recently, so I am forced to release a Serious scam warning against Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon is quite popular these days. The system works well and while it can generate an income for you, the best that you can get from it is exposure. But if you do what I’m about to say, you may as well not get any credits at all, because you are throwing them away by doing this!

Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon’s header


Don’t promote one of the pages that Traffic Monsoon gives you!

The only people who is going to see your link to sign up into Traffic Monsoon, is the people who already signed up to Traffic Monsoon!

What can you do then?

Open an account in a secondary PTC site. Then, you can use the clicks in one site to promote the other site. Of course it is not a money making machine and it takes many people viewing it to have somebody signing up under you. But, there is a chance if you do this; however, if you promote Traffic Monsoon in Traffic Monsoon, there is none.

Here are two sites that I like that have a system relatively similar to Traffic Monsoon: you see ads, you gain credits, then you can promote. One is a well established one, the other a more unknown one. I’ll start with the well established one:


Great site, great community, great system.

EasyHits4U has been around since 2003, I think it passed the test of time. It provides you with good access to a wide and very active community and a variety of ways to advertise: advertise the whole website using your referral link, or advertise with banners (Traffic Monsoon provides you with this) or use text ads; it also gives you tools such as a Site Rotator or a Splash Page Builder. It also has some gamification features (it can be quite addictive) and contests. It’s simply one of the best.

Some of its features include:

  • Multiple languages. Your ads can be shown to people in specific languages. When you post your ad, you select for which language is targeted. In your profile you can select the languages in which you wish to see ads.
  • A lottery. As you are browsing ads you begin to earn tickets for a daily lottery.
  • Many rewards. You can also win extra credits, impressions, text ads or, of course, money.
  • Free tools. As mentioned, you can create a Splash Page, or use a Site Rotator. Upgraded users can create many of these things.
  • Geographical targeting On top of selecting the language, you can also choose the country where your ads will be shown. Premium members can even choose the region of that country.

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange


Great site full of resources ready for you to use.

It is not as old as the previous site, but it is quite good. You will find that it is just as easy to use, and it is as easy to reach people. The best thing, it is full of resources, information and tools.

Some features include:

  • Gamification features. Badges, points. It is part of the clicktrackprofit network, of which I’ll speak later, quite extensively, just keep tuned, feel free to join our Newsletter 😉
  • An active community. You can participate in the chat as you surf.
  • A site rotator.

Are you ready to get serious?

Then don’t stop here: Join multiple PTC Systems, and then Create a Site Rotator or Create a Splash Page, and promote it in Traffic Monsoon!

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