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Finantial Freedom: What it is, what it means, and how to use PTC to achieve it

Many people thinks that a lot of money comes first, and financial freedom comes after. But that is not the way it works, if it were, we would have lots of happy histories of lottery winners and not a lot of tragedies. Financial freedom comes first, the lots of money comes after. Only when you… Read More »

The Social Network that Facebook doesn’t want you to find

The reality is that Facebook is ranking in billions in Ad revenue thanks to you. But you know this: you and your time are Facebook‘s product, you are what they sell to their partners, do you realize how much value you have? But of course, it shares none of the profit with you, not a single cent.… Read More »

What is ClickBank and how to make money from it?

If you have earned credits to promote something in a Traffic Exchange, the next question that comes is “what do I promote now?” Some will promote a PTC System or a Traffic Exchange. But here is where Affiliate marketing comes into play. What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by… Read More »

Wake up to the reality of making money Online

I want you to understand something, and the faster you understand it, the better for you: No one has ever build a system where the primary objective is that YOU make money. But there is one more thing to understand: YOU are the value of the Systems Online. They Need You to make money. And… Read More »

You gain a few cents clicking ads, but that is not where the value is…

Who do you think can get the most value out of a PTC System, you or the person whose page you are seeing? In most cases, the answer is: none. The most value is for the person(s) who own the network, and for the persons who use it well, but the ones generating the value… Read More »

The biggest mistake people does in a PTC Site

You have been surfing pages through ads, and you got yourself some credits to promote a page. There is one thing that many are doing that you should absolutely avoid… What biggest mistake I am talking about? Don’t promote the same page that gave you the credits with those credits! Why? Because the only people… Read More »

Don’t confuse Money with Wealth

You may not have a lot of money right now: your pocket may be empty, your finances may be in negative numbers. But you have wealth, and is taken away all the time. And the reality for most of us is: We give it away. How does rich people become rich? They don’t accumulate money, they… Read More »