The Social Network that Facebook doesn’t want you to find

By | April 22, 2016

The reality is that Facebook is ranking in billions in Ad revenue thanks to you. But you know this: you and your time are Facebook‘s product, you are what they sell to their partners, do you realize how much value you have? But of course, it shares none of the profit with you, not a single cent.

Now there is a viable alternative, a good competitor with good quality; and on top of it, it shares the revenue generated from the advertisements with the users of the Network, the network only keeps 10%. You earn by simply being social.

Facebook did not like it one bit… Now it won’t even let you type the name, and it deleted every single mention of it, across all of its platforms.

TSU Forbidden in Facebook

By an article in CNN Money:

“Facebook (FB, Tech30) is blocking any link to on every platform it owns, including Messenger and Instagram. It even went back and deleted more than 1 million Facebook posts that ever mentioned, making pictures, videos and comments disappear in an instant.

Facebook won't let you type this

So what is this is a social network, and a good one at it. I didn’t write about it before until I got familiarized with it and established a good network. You can have your contacts and share diverse information such as pictures, videos or simply your thoughts. You use it as you use Facebook, it has also its mobile App for sharing content, it has #hashtags, and if you past links it automatically sets-up the article, YouTube video or image for sharing. It supports animated Gifs as well so long as its size is not too large, for after all the idea is to make the experience of the social network good.

b8d71322e1141bcc2bff38fe3aac9e45But, unlike Facebook, only keeps 10% of the Ad revenue. You keep 45%. The chain of friends that invited you to split the rest. So if you invite people in, you also get a share of the revenue that they make.

The algorithm that they use to calculate the revenue is keept secret, but so far everybody seems to be very happy with it. You don’t need to do anything special, if you use the way that you use other social networks, you have your share of the revenue.

How to use and earn from

There are of course people who just spend all day sharing pictures and sharing articles on, this very same people will add as friend anyone who they come across in the hope that they will be added back and get views for their posts.

But you don’t see content of people who you didn’t add as friend or follow. That is how it goes. I saw the exact same thing happen in other networks such as Google+, only in most networks people do it for recognition, or to call themselves “social media experts”, here people do it also for a little money.

But if you do want to have a good position in Social Media, then create, it is as simple as that. Create content that doesn’t lose its worth with the passing of time. If you are a musician, create music; if you are a graphic artist, create graphical content; if you are a video creator, then create videos; and if you only like to write, to teach, to inform, or to share your opinions, just write.

This is the environment where being unique has value and being like everybody else doesn’t. So be yourself!


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