How to make money in NeoBux: AdPrize

By | September 24, 2016

Rented referrals is only one of the things that NeoBux has to offer, but of course there is more than this. And one of those things is AdPrize.

NeoBux AdPrize

NeoBux AdPrize

What is AdPrize in NeoBux?

It depends of whether you are an Advertiser or a User seeing Ads.

As a user seeing Ads AdPrize is like a little jackpot or a lottery. By seeing Ads you get chances to play AdPrize, normally 4 although at the moment of writing this article you get 5 chances per Ad due to a promotion, promotions are not uncommon in NeoBux. (When AdPrize got introduced there were 2 chances to win per Ad but they have double the chances since then to 4).

Unlike regular Ads, these Ads are simpler, the Ad shows, and once it is done you get a “Next” button to get the next. It only takes sitting and clicking “Next” until your chances are gone. Once you click an Ad, you have 4 hours to use your earned AdPrize chances. That’s it.

Playing AdPrize

Playing AdPrize

As an advertiser AdPrize is extra promotional credit on top of the Ads that you buy. In some packs such as the Micro Exposure, you get as many AdPrize views as you get Micro Exposure views.

But in some packs such as the Extended Exposure, you get 19 times the views that you get in an Extended Exposure Ad in AdPrize Ads. So if you buy 250 Extended Exposure Ad views, you get 4750 AdPrize visualizations for your Ad. Also, thanks to the current promotion of AdPrize users get more AdPrize chances but the advertisers get 25% more views in AdPrize. So you get quite a lot of extra views on your Ads.

What can you win in AdPrize?

You can win NeoPoints, which can be used to either Extend or recycle Rented Referrals or to upgrade to Golden membership (or extend your Golden membership).

You can also win actual money, from a few cents (the lowest is $0.25 and it is really easy and common to win this one) to $50, this money goes into your Main Balance which can be directly cashout, or used to buy/extend/recycle rented referrals, or used to buy/extend your Golden membership.

Or you can win the full Golden membership (or if you already have it, it gets extended for another year), this has a value of $90. At the end of this you can see the full list of prizes.

What is the secret to Win in AdPrize?

Just try a lot. There is no hidden formula and no hidden strategy to win, simply the more you play it the more you win, if you play it a lot you are most certainly guaranteed of come across all of the possible prices. But I will not missguide you into thinking that you will come across them with a few games, it isn’t like that. Winning the large prices are like winning a lottery, only with realistic chances to win if you play enough.

List of Prizes and Advertising opportunities

NeoBux Possible AdPrize Prices

Golden Memberships


  • $0.25
  • $0.50
  • $1.00
  • $2.00
  • $5.00
  • $10.00
  • $25.00
  • $50.00


  • 10 NeoPoints
  • 100 NeoPoints
  • 1000 NeoPoints
  • 10000 NeoPoints

NeoBux AdPrize Advertising Opportunities

  • Micro Exposure. You get as many Ads in AdPrize as the ones in the Micro Exposure package. Example: 2,500 Micro Exposure Ads and 2,500 AdPrize Ads.
  • Mini Exposure. You get 4 times the Ads in AdPrize as the ones in the Mini Exposure package. Example: 500 Mini Exposure Ads and 2,000 AdPrize Ads.
  • Standard Exposure. You get 9 times the Ads in AdPrize as the ones in the Standard Exposure package. Example: 250 Standard Exposure Ads and 2,250 AdPrize Ads.
  • Extended Exposure. You get 19 times the Ads in AdPrize as the ones in the Extended Exposure package. Example: 250 Extended Exposure Ads and 4,750 AdPrice Ads.

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