2017 in review

By | January 1, 2018

2017 was a year of many changes in the world of PTC. The biggest change is, of course, the loss of PayPal across all services. While some adapted, some simply ceased to exist; but we arrive at 2018 in a fairly different world.

PayPal cancels the accounts of all revenue-sharing systems

This is easily the biggest change of the year. Every service had PayPal as the backbone of their revenue-sharing systems, and for the majority of people PayPal was the way to fund and/or invest into the different systems, on the expectation of getting a revenue or at the very list a quick ROI (Return of Investment).

But the world of the PTC and revenue-sharing systems has always been plagued with scams which, as I mention frequently, were the reason I started this site in the first place. Knowing the history of PayPal, I was not surprised when this change arrived. They are well-known for suddenly closing the accounts or whichever type of service they stop liking, without notice.

Bitcoin explodes

Bitcoin has already done it a few times; every few months it goes from unknown, to sort of popular and more expensive. But in this year the increase is truly impressive. It went from USD$1,000 at the start of the year, to the highest value of USD$19,706.83, reached on December 17.

With such an increase of value, the cryptocurrency truly went mainstream. Every news channel on the planet was talking about it. Every investor. And plenty of famous people.

But the point is that it reached the world of PTC. With PayPal closing all of the accounts, and Bitcoin becoming famous, a lot of services started implementing it to either buy their services, or cash-out in Bitcoins.

EasyHits4U for instance now utilizes a service call BitPay to buy either credits or a subscription.

BuxP closes

I used to like that service. You could purchase some services on top of the PTC Advertising on it such as Facebook likes or YouTube views. But they were highly dependent on PayPal, 95% of their revenue came from it. They were quick to implement Bitcoin to make purchases but they simply could not recover from the hit and decided to close the service. This was the final message on August 30:

After a long debate with my staff and colleagues, given the current situation BUXP is into, we have decided to call it a day, say goodbye to our baby and close BUXP in the near future. Why? Reasons enough, such as the declining GPT/PTC market, the negative perception, the hosting problems we have been facing,… but the main reason is called Paypal, which was used by 95% of our advertisers and since it is no longer available, without having decent alternatives on the market, our sales collapsed and BUXP became unsustainable. Compared to certain other GPT/PTC sites, BUXP was relying almost entirely on advertising sales.
We did research potential solutions, but honestly, the investment needed to put into BUXP without having guaranteed results is just too much of a risk. We had options to sell the site but did not feel good about it.

ClixSense stops being a PTC

ClixSense used to be THE PTC, it was the best one there was, and the longest lasting of them all. But they also were very dependent on PayPal to get the money to pay their members, who were also paid primarily via PayPal.

ClixSense is still alive and well, only it no longer offers the service of PTC, now it primarily focuses on Surveys, Tasks, and Offers, and it is still a great source of extra cash if you are active.

Another change on it is that the multiple levels of referrals, as well as the Premium membership, were removed. Now it only offers one level of referrals which are the direct, plus no membership. And the daily checklist is now very small, it only has Complete Tasks, Complete Offers and Visit the Forum.

EasyHits4U lost and regained PayPal, only in a different way

EasyHits4U has never really been about an income, but it is an alternative to promote the other sources of income. But still, if you use it enough, you accumulate a balance that you were able to cash-out to PayPal.

However, EasyHits4U is also about the tools that it offers, such as the Easy Rotator and the Easy Splash Builder. Those are excellent tools to test marketing campaigns, and of course to promote a multitude of services online. Given that they do have a service beyond just a Traffic Exchange, they got PayPal back as a way of paying for those services and the membership, but cash-outs in PayPal are out of the question.

Many PayPal alternatives

The sites that remained alive, all of them implemented other alternatives to PayPal. Some of those alternatives are:

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