Full week of NeoBux AdPrize bonus and news about PTC Secret

By | September 24, 2016

Until September 26th at 19:00 server time, every Ad that you see at NeoBux will give you 5 opportunities to participate in AdPrize. and in AdPrize the more you play the more oportunities you have to win.

You can read more about AdPrize and your opportunities as both a user seeing Ads and an Advertiser at How to make money in NeoBux: AdPrize.

What about the site?

I disconnected a little from most of the PTC World as I was attending some business, I am still very focused in two networks though, NeoBux of which you can see the banner above, and ClixSense

As I repeat constantly, if you are not in these two networks, your PTC Experience may not be the best. There are more of course, but these two give something, in NeoBux I am at the point where I can cash-out something monthly.

In ClixSense however, I have already cashed out over $600 and I am not going too heavy on it, just a few activities here and there and some Ads, and I have win $10 in the ClixGrid game. I know $600 doesn’t sound like a lot, but it does make a difference.

I have the guide to all of the ClixSense activities, plus I still have the promotion where if you generate $17 for me which is the cost of a Premium membership I send you that to your PayPal account if you share with me your opinión about ClixSense.

Is that it?

Not at all, I have been collecting a lot of data from NeoBux and other networks, data that I am still analyzing so I can share some good information with you. I am also preparing material and ideas to get your own referrals, and I am working to start publishing guides about these networks from the point of view of an Advertiser for used properly these networks can give you some good opportunities and advantages.

As a user it is good to see how an advertiser looks at the networks so you can see where is the value coming from and how some times it is a very good idea to invest some of the earned cash or credits into Ads and get an advantage in an alternate networks.

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