The Great Scam: How are you attracted to, and used in, the Bux sites

By | July 17, 2015

It is actually very simple. Yes, some people are making lots of money on them, but that is thanks to you…

Shredded Money

I have written before about how the Bux sites are for the most part scams, and you see them just popping up everywhere. Here is how it actually works:

  • A new Bux site appears.
  • People that already made a lot of money before, join the Bux site, and put a lot of money into it.
  • With the model being mostly a pyramid, more new people join and those who joined first get their money back and earn.
  • Now they can generate proofs of payment from that site, so they do.
  • Now they promote the site as a legitimate site that pays, and you are shown the screenshots with the payments and you are told that you can do that in that site because they did it.
  • Then you join, at the bottom of the pyramid.
  • You put in your time and some times your money, promote the site, log in every day, rent referrals, upgrade your account; the whole thing.
  • The system makes money, the person over you makes money, until the Bux site collapses because it is not sustainable, no value is being generated to justify the sites existence.

Despite the Bux in its name, BuxP is not a Bux site, it is a paid-to-click system, and a good one at that.

The one Bux site that has been around for a long time is NeoBux, but not in its original form, it went through several changes during its history. Now it is a combination of a Bux site with a PTC system with many additional activities to make an income. It is quite stable, and with appropriate rented referral management you can even reach financial freedom on it.

And I do try Bux sites, some have been around longer and you can see the person running them actually trying to make them into something more, for example Bux888.

But never put into them more money than the one you are willing to lose, because there is a chance you will lose it, as they come and go all the time and many are short-lived.

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