There are no Bitcoin Doublers or Magic Bitcoin Generators

By | August 13, 2017

I am sorry, but there aren’t magical ways to obtain Bitcoins. What is out there are a massive number of scams, promising you abundance and richness; you just have to trust them, and send them your Bitcoins or your hard earned money first. In this environment, if it sounds too good to be truth, it is too good to be truth, and whatever you give them, you are not going to see it again. There are places to invest if you want Bitcoins, but they take time. If you have the patience, here are some options.

Bitcoin Fraud Alert!

Bitcoin Fraud Alert!

I will start by saying that I am sharing these two alternatives because I put my own money on them and I already got it back. I got it back easily (from the mining platform) because the price of Bitcoin has been on the rise so it is worth mining it, but had it been declining all along, the cost of mining them would have become higher than the profit of doing so, and nobody is going to pay the cost of mining Bitcoins so that you get them. Just undertand that there is a cost to mine them, and that you are paying for it, but if you do it right the cost pays for itself.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Mining Farm of Genesis-Mining

Mining Farm of Genesis-Mining

This idea is full of scammy schemes, but just as in the world of PTC we have one real bux site (Neobux) and countless schemes claiming to be the same but being frauds, in the area of Cloud Bitcoin Mining we have a good one (maybe more but I am still checking the others). To not make it long, we have Genesis-Mining.

Genesis-Mining Received Transactions

Genesis-Mining Received Transactions


  • You don’t have to set up anything
  • You don’t get a high electricity bill
  • You get something constantly and frequently
  • It is managed by very qualified people


  • If it becomes unprofitable, the mining contract can be terminated
  • It takes time to recover your investment

Despite the disadvantages, if I did not think it is good, I wouldn’t have put my own money on it. I don’t regret it.

Join Genesis-Mining

A PTC based on Bitcoin

BTC Clicks

This is, after all, a website made around the idea of PTC Networks, and this is one that actually pays without any problem.

Bitcoin Core BTC Clicks

With the increase in price of Bitcoin and its gaining popularity, it has gone from a few ads, to plenty of them, some of them better paid. It has very good referral commissions and I believe it will just keep growing in popularity. Banner


To start receiving, you need a wallet, if you don’t have one yet, you can get one from any of these alternatives: Get your own Bitcoin wallet and get an address to receive Bitcoins

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