First Christmas Promotion at NeoBux

By | December 16, 2016

Once again NeoBux has a holliday promotion to extend the rented referrals, one of the best sources of income if you build it (a process that can take years of constancy, but it pays off).

  • 30 days: 8%
  • 60 days: 13%
  • 90 days: 20%
  • 150 days: 27%
  • 240 days: 32%

A little more about the rented referrals in NeoBux and how to use them

The strategy is basically this:

  • Rent a few referrals (don’t put all your money in renting them; either invested money or money generated by seeing Ads)
  • Extend the few referrals for 240 days (or at least 150 days, but 240 days is a better investment)
  • Recycle innactive referrals (if a referral I have goes innactive for 12 days I recycle it, same if the Average of clicking goes below 0.5, I just recycle it)
  • See the orange Ads every single day (if you have no time to do more, just see those Ads so you get money from the rented referrals).
  • Be aware that in days such as Halloween and in Christmas there are extra discounts for extending for a long time

Extra notes

  • A referral will generate significantly more than it cost to recycle/renew if the average of clicks doesn’t drop too low, so recycle innactives. The longer you extend them, the higher the profit
  • You can rent at most 100 referrals in a week for USD$20. So it will take a while to get thousands of them, unless you have a lot of money, but still it would take a few months to get the thousands of them.
  • If Halloween, Christmas or another event is coming, it is good to start buying some referrals during the month before the event, and save money, so when the promotion comes you can extend as many as you can to 240 days at a lower cost
  • Some milestones for progressing: 1) Get 200 rented referrals. 2) Get Golden membership to expand that Cap. 3) Get 2000 rented referrals. 4) Have all of the referrals extended to 240 days. (you see, it is not instant, it is like a little game of those that take many months for you to build something)
  • I only recommend NeoBux for a strategy like this because of how long it has been around and because it does have a sustainable business model. Don’t try this in Networks that just pop-out, if you try it, it is at your own risk and be prepared to lose the investment.
  • Once you have enough, you can do start cashing out some money monthly, it may not be a lot at first, but it gives you something. Of course if you get to the point in which you have 2000 rented referrals extended for 240 days, congratulations, you have a little extra income at hand.

And that’s it for this post, the strategy is the exact same that I wrote during the Halloween promotion. Happy clicking. If you are going to invest your valuable time in a network, try to find a solid one so you don’t waste your time. Nothing lasts forever, but the chances of NeoBux being here in the long run seem quite good at this stage and it has been around for more than 8 years. It’s odds seem a hell of a lot better than the alternatives.

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