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By | July 1, 2016

Earlier in the site I had the promotion where if you join ClixSense under me and generate the USD$17 that the Premium membership costs, I would give you the Premium account for a year.

Some notes on this:

You will very easily generate the USD$17 for you, specially if you do tasks or fill Surveys or take offers in ClixSense. But generating the USD$17 for me could take a while.

The other thing is that it cost only USD$15 for me to give you the Premium membership for a year.

After being in ClixSense for a little while, I have a new promotion that replaces the old promotion and I believe it will help a lot more than the previous one. Any member who joined under the old promotion and still haven’t get their Premium membership can instead choose this one.

The Promotion

If you generate USD$17 for me in ClixSense, I will send to your PayPal those USD$17, and I will pay the fee so you get exactly the USD$17. But, in order to get them, you need to write me what you think about ClixSense, your opinion will be publish either under your name o with a nickname, your choice.

Here is how it is going to work

Once I see that you crossed the USD$17, and I check every day, I will write you an e-mail to inform you that you did.

When you answer me, if you do, you will provide me with the PayPal address where you wish to receive your money (it is your money, you generated it, only I am not taking it for me), and what you think about ClixSense, which can be just a pair of lines if you wish. I will publish your opinion on this website, with either your name or a pseudonym that you choose (not offensive please). Your data will be private (although you can choose to have a link to your website, to a social media profile, or any other information).

Then you will have the USD$17 in your PayPal account. It may also be on Payza, Skrill, Neteller or even BitCoins if you request that and I have funds available there at the time, you can tell me on the e-mail where do you want to get the USD$17. It PayPay I always have funds if in other medium I don’t.

Why am I doing this? Aren’t I paying more than I get?

The purpose of this site is to help people, by either helping them stay away of scams, or by teaching how to use some of the systems. Not always I can dedicate as much time to the site as I wish, plus some of the things that I am preparing take research and a lot of time and math, but still, the purpose of the site is that.

So, lets do the math: if 100 people join and are active under me, the cost that I would have to pay is USD$82 in PayPal fees.

Wouldn’t I have to send actually USD$1,782?

You are making that money yourself, realize that. Only I am not taking that money for me, I am giving it back to you. To generate the USD$17 for me you will very likely make a couple of hundreds yourself, so the USD$17 will hopefully help you a bit, but you will be getting a lot more than that.

So, only if you get inside ClixSense, and make ClixSense work for you to the point that you generate that for me, only after that I would earn something from you by your activity in ClixSense. I said it once, I say it again, Your success is my success.

The first commentary, from a user from Venezuela, translated to English:

“My opinion about clixsense is that without a doubt is the best ptc that exists. I have tried many and the majority either I haven’t use them well or they don’t seem sustainable (some has been a failure), the complete opposite to clixsense
It took me only 3 weeks to obtain a level and from february to this day I have been able to produce a good amount in that period of time. Besides it is entertaining its different options such as clixgrid and more than anything the tasks that are interesting, very different one from the other. It is not monotonous as other ptc. The payments that I have requested I haven’t have inconvenients and every doubt that I made to clixsense’s support has been quickly and greatly answered.”
– Ismael Escobar

More things are coming to the site this summer, I want to show real functional ways to also get your own referrals, for referrals are a way to get to Financial Freedom. It takes a while to build your network, but in the end it is very worthy to learn to do so, we don’t have many other ways to be financially free nowadays, so lets work together on it.

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