Two days of AdPrize bonus at NeoBux

By | April 17, 2016

Up until April 19th at 17:00 server’s time, you get 4 chances to win in AdPrize of NeoBux for every Ad that you see. Normally you get 3 changes to receive a Prize for every Ad, the prices include money (up to $50), points (up to 10,000) and a Golden Membership.

As an Advertiser, you would get 33% more views in AdPrize for your Ads.

I haven’t been that active posting, but it hasn’t been that I haven’t been active doing some math in order to post. Part of it is statistical analysis to determine the possibility that a rented referral clicks in NeoBux, so instead of going with the idea of when to renew, we can use some data to see how likely it is that the person will click the next day.

I’m working in the tool that will do that, you paste your referral information, it gives you back the chances of the referral clicking and gives recommendations about whether it is worth recycling or waiting.

This is a tool that I will make available for free only to people under me in NeoBux, I made it originally for myself as I didn’t like what was available, now I want to share it so we win together.

So, happy clicking!

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