Bonuses for site reviews at EasyHits4U

By | February 13, 2016

EasyHits4U allows members to review the sites as they visit them. Thousands of reviews have been submitted by the users, and the advertisers many times take these reviews into consideration to improve their Splash Pages for example.

It is particularly useful given that EasyHits4U allows you to create your very own Splash Pages easily.

Up until Sunday February 14, if you participate and write 20 quality reviews of sites you come across EasyHits4U, you will be rewarded with bonus credits, banner impressions and text ad impressions every day till the end of this week.

But the reviews must be of quality, things such as “OK”, “Cool”, “Good”, etc. do not qualify for promo bonuses but are still acceptable if that is all you have to say about the site.

How to review a site at EasyHits4U

  1. While during surfing simply click on the “User reviews” icon.eh4u review site
  2. Click on “Write a new review”eh4u review site
  3. Write your review and click on “Add your review”eh4u review site

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