Lets talk a little about investments

By | February 2, 2017

This is only a short post about the idea behind investing while I finish preparing the new material. I published all the other material on Bitcoins in anticipation of the change of power in the US, hoping that the information could help somebody.

The basic idea behind investing is that you acquire something, expecting it to grow in value in the future. Or at the very least, to not lose the value.

Growth Graphic

Money is a terrible investment. It is affected by regulations, the markets, the government, inflation, you name it. So the idea of saving money in the long term is a terrible idea. You can keep the money in your matress, or put it in a bank account, it doesn’t matter, it will be worth less if you just keep it.

So people buy other things in the belief that they will be worth more in the future. The best example of this is real-state; our planet has a limited amount of area, and we continue growing as a population. It is not difficult to see why is it a good idea to invest in real-state.

But one thing that we need to be careful about is about getting in debt to invest, because just as real-state may grow in value, so does the amount of money that you owe to a finantial institution, and some times that debt grows a lot faster than the value of real-state, plus some times the prices of real-state collapse, and your investment becomes a burden.

If the prices of real-state collapse but you own the real-state, you can just hold on to it for as long as it takes for the prices to bounce back. But for many people, that was not the case during the housing crisis; they got debt, they could not pay the debt, and they lost the property.


Choosing where to put the money is one of the greatest challenges that we face. We can not simply take real-state and pay it full unless we are already wealthy; so we must look for alternatives. Smaller alternatives are in this case an alternative currency (like Euros or US Dollars), stock of a company, gold/silver, and nowadays Bitcoins. We also have the PTC sites as options.

All of those alternatives have risks. Investing in something is a little like betting. But it is not just risk, it can be calculated risk; you can do the numbers, you can see whether it is sustainable or if it will simply collapse.

Diversifying is a good strategy here. Nothing last forever, whichever option you choose carries a little risk with it, but if you have several options, the combination of them give you something, and if one goes down, you still have the others.

To end this, you need to be very very careful. In the world of PTC and that of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies there is an abundance of scams. They ask you to send them money on the promise that it will grow, but that is not what happens:

  • The first persons do get their money back, this is so they promote it to others.
  • After the first round of persons, people send their money in.
  • The people who made the scam run away with all the money.

I promote very little sites here, but those sites have without a problem send me the money or bitcoins when I request it. So that is where I put my money and my time. I put time in others, and I am close to test some other sites to see if they do pay me, but for now the list of sites is still the same:

And for the Bitcoin Faucets:

If you have a little money around, you can put it in Genesis-mining, that is the only cloud-mining Bitcoin platform that I trust at the moment, or it can mine other cryptocurrencies too. There is also an abundance of them, but it is hard to find one that is not a scam. This is the safest platform I know.

If you need a Bitcoin Address to receive the funds, I still recommend:

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