PayPal is not available at EasyHits4U

By | November 13, 2016

I still lack the whole story, and the people from EasyHits4U is yet to answer me (well, I wrote them over the weekend, I am not expecting any answer until this week), but PayPal is not available in EasyHits4U right now, neither to upgrade the membership, nor to cash-out.

I only have rumors, so I can not assure that they will get PayPal back (I hope they do, it is a Traffic Exchange that I really like) or that it is gone for good (they are polling the users to see which other payment alternatives they would like to see implemented).

Right now only Payza is available. I am writing this because I do promote some of its tools, such as the Site Rotator or the Splash pages which I feel are very good tools, but I will have more information this week.

If you have a premium membership available, use the tools, those are good tools. I will be sharing alternatives in case PayPal stops being available. But the tools are free anyway, you just can not have lots and lots of them at the same time.

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