Referrals and Membership Discounts in NeoBux

By | May 1, 2016

Until May 6 at NeoBux, you get a discount on all periods of renewals for rented referrals, plus you can either purchase or extend a Premium membership or a Golden Pack at a cheaper price. The discounts are as follows:

Referral extensions:

  • 30 days: 8% ($0.20 or 267 points)
  • 60 days: 13% ($0.38 or 507 Points)
  • 90 days: 20% ($0.53 or 707 Points)
  • 150 days: 27% ($0.80 or 1067 Points)
  • 240 days: 32% ($1.20 or 1600 Points)

Golden membership purchase:

  • Golden $15 discount = $75

Golden packs purchases:

  • Emerald $5 discount = $285
  • Sapphire $5 discount = $285
  • Platinum $15 discount = $475
  • Diamond $15 discount = $475
  • Ultimate $30 discount = $860

Golden packs renewals:

  • Emerald $5 discount = $265
  • Sapphire $5 discount = $265
  • Platinum $15 discount = $430
  • Diamond $15 discount = $430
  • Ultimate $30 discount = $770

Isn’t this a scam?

I’m sure by now you have seen many Ads from NeoBux members portraying huge huge numbers. And if you have been in this “game” long enough, you have been scammed out of both time and money before. I have been, that is how this site came into being more than a year ago in the first place.

Nowadays I focus primarily in ClixSense as you have seen, in the Traffic Exchange EasyHits4U, and in NeoBux. And I started all three of them from absolute 0 money. Of course I use also other sites, specially sites that I am studing how to use and be successful at them, so I can get material for this site. But through the combination of them you can get something going from the ground up.

My point being that I trust NeoBux, I have seen how it operates, studied its business model, plus it has been around over 8 years. If you learn to use its rental referral system, it is possible to achieve finantial freedom on it.

Those numbers that you see on banners, they are not possible without the rental referrals, the use of Golden Packs, and proper management of the account. It doesn’t take long, it could be done with less than 5 minutes a day seeing the primary Ads required to get income from the rented referrals, but it takes constancy every day to grow the account to that point starting from nothing.

My guides and my tool to predict referral clicks based on their behavior, in order to give better advice of when to recycle them, are still being worked on. The tool is not perfect, but it is better than me, I can not handle that amount of numbers and find patterns in them. The guides will be published here, the tool made available to people who are under me in NeoBux, ClixSense or EasyHits4U only.

I still have the same principle I had when I started this: Your succees is my success.

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