Why you should NOT get into NeoBux to make money

By | February 2, 2016

NeoBux is a legitimate Paid-to-Click (PTC) Site, it always pays on time and without any problem. It works as advertised, and the rented referrals system is actually real people. Then what’s the problem? The problem with NeoBux is inside yourself.



What do I mean with this? It comes down to two main problems:

  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Lack of Habit

Unrealistic expectations

Whether you are new to he world of PTC Sites or you are a veteran, you have seen over and over the countless “get rich quick” schemes. They are everywhere online.

“Join the system, click a few ads, cash out lots of money”. And of course, “join the system, put money into the system, click a few ads, cash out lots of money”.

So of course, you join the new system expecting to achieve your finantial independence and success in no time, with little or no investment.

That’s not the way it works.

Finantial freedom has a high cost, in both money and time. And if you don’t have the first one to begin with, it’s going to take an insane amount of the second one.

Which bings us to the second point:

Lack of Habit

This may also be described as lack of constancy. NeoBux is old enough and proven enough to have some confidence in that it is not going to fade away tomorrow, so one can invest into it the time that it takes to build an income capable of either sustain us or at least help us significantly.

But it is not easy to form a habit, and for NeoBux you need to build a very strong one because if you get into it with no investment, it is going to take you years to build it up to the point it which it is generating for you anything worth mentioning.

I do promote NeoBux because it is a site that works, a site that pays; but not everybody gets paid on it because not that many people manage to stick to it long enough to make it pay good. NeoBux is a field, and many come to throw in seeds, water them a few days, and then just move on to something else. Only few water the seeds every day until they become trees and start providing fruits.

If you need income fast, not insane but a little extra, get in ClixSense and fill Surveys and/or take advantage of offers. If you expect a huge amount of income in a short period of time with no money to invest, I’m sorry to be blunt, but find something else.

If you can dedicate a few minutes everyday for months, for years even, until you are free or have an additional income source, then NeoBux is for you. And I repeat, I promote NeoBux for this because it has been around a long time. I won’t promote the the newest Bux site that comes out because most sites just vanish, and Bux sites are mostly a scam with the exception of NeoBux.

Of course, with a little investment you can save months, even years, in the process. But it isn’t either about throwing a lot of cash into it and just sit and wait, the everyday process is a must. More detailed guides and strategies for NeoBux will continue coming to this site, for now I only have a simple guide about using NeoBux but it needs to be expanded, a lot.

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